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Basement and Home Addition Design

We get it. You’ve outgrown your dream home. Your family has grown since moving in and there just isn’t enough space. You’ve turned your home office into a bedroom, the morning bathroom situation is a struggle, and you’ve lost track of the clutter. Instead of finding a larger home, you need a Chicago area contractor that can renovate your home to meet your family’s growing needs.

You deserve a home where everything has its place. Maybe that means extra storage in a newly finished basement. Perhaps it means getting your computer out of your living room and back into an office space. Whether you want to build up, out or finish that unused basement, AM Kitchen & Bath offers seamless solutions that will allow your family to stay in the home you love for years to come.

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Basement Finishing

Basement finishing is a perfect way to turn a cement room into a cozy space ready for family movie night or guests. Basement bedrooms are ideal for teens, college students or guests. They provide a private, quiet environment and are a cost-effective way to some extra space to your floorplan. Finished basements also make great play areas for the kids, basement bars or a hobby and crafts rooms.

No matter how you utilize this space, AM Kitchen & Bath will make your finished basement functional, livable and durable. We utilize premium materials to finish each basement. This allows your newly finished basement to withstand higher moisture levels while being low-maintenance. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and long-lasting environment for your new lounge, playroom or extra bedroom.

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Home Additions

AM Kitchen & Bath offers home additions to fit your family’s growing needs. Instead of purchasing a new house, your current home can grow with you. Whether you want a new room or even a full floor addition, our team can create a custom design that maximizes your property. From formal dining rooms to another full floor of bedrooms, we can achieve extra space while staying true to your home’s current look and feel.

When it comes to room additions, our team will work with your existing space to personalize a layout. We will make sure that your new room seamlessly flows with your current floorplan. For full floor additions, we can fully customize a new floorplan to accommodate all of your ideas. We’re essentially starting with a blank canvas and the possibilities are endless. Our qualified staff will assist in the design process to add valuable space to your home. We will consider your wants and needs to create a beautiful new space that can be enjoyed by friends and family.

Our Process

Basement Remodeling and Home Additions

  • Floor Plan Design
  • Home Additions Design
  • Buildouts
  • Flooring Installation
  • Painting
  • Lighting Installation

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