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At AM Kitchen & Bath, we understand that remodeling is stressful. Having a realistic idea about home remodeling is essential. We know you have a whole list of questions that need answers before we start your remodeling project. We want to prepare you as much as we can.

We have compiled a list of questions we’ve come across most frequently and provided the answers. Hopefully, this can help put your mind at ease when partnering with AM Kitchen & Bath for your next remodeling adventure. Our team wants to assure our customers that we’re going to make the remodeling process as efficient and enjoyable as we can. Despite the dust, dirt and stress that come along with remodeling, it’s all worth it in the end.

At AM Kitchen & Bath, we have confidence in our crews and trust their workmanship so highly that we offer an unrivaled 5-year workmanship warranty to our clients. All products that we install also retain original manufacturer warranty. If at any point you experience issues, with either the workmanship or products used in your remodel, please give us a call and we will work to resolve these issues.

Yes! We carry current General Liability, as well as Workers Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance.  A certificate of insurance or additional, detailed information can be provided anytime upon request.

It’s a great idea to spend some time prior to the selection meeting looking at colors and designs you find appealing. Always feel free to email them ahead of time to your Design Consultant so they can pre-plan and have any special samples available for your meeting.

Your plans are the ultimate communication between the design process and production, and will act as the main guide throughout your project. We are looking to put as much information on these plans as possible. You will see a combination of any construction information found listed in your project contract, as well as, any information collected during your selection meeting. In addition, you will find your important, homeowner speciality notes (Some examples include: Dumpster location, Save faucet, Help move furniture, Don’t use front door, etc …) 

Anything that you have communicated to your Design Consultant or wish to communicate to the AM production team, the plan review and sign off process is the time to do so.  If you have already signed off on your plans and later want to add a note, you can do so any time; simply contact our office by email at info@amkitchenandbath.com or by calling 630-933-9323. Please note that your final plans always supersede your contract, so please take the time to review and understand these plans.

Permit needs are always discussed during the selections and planning process as these requirements are unique to every project.  All permit submissions, if required, will be handled fully by AM. We will need to know if you are part of an association to ensure we comply with any rules they may have. If any exterior work is part of your project, we will require a copy of your plat of survey.

You will have an excellent support team of people working hard on your project, on your behalf, from start to finish. Your Project Coordinator will be reviewing and refining your plans, once all selections are made, to assure a seamless installation of all aspects of your project. He/she will be ordering your products, scheduling deliveries, and coordinating schedules with your installation team; working behind the scenes to foresee and prevent issues and ensuring your project runs as smooth and quick as possible. Your Project Manager will be your onsite supervision and your main contact throughout the course of your project. He/She will be updating you daily with the status of production and all your project expectations. Your Conceptual Designer is responsible for taking all the selections, construction notes, and design ideas in order to create your project plans. Your Office Manager will be your main office contact. He/She will communicate your start date, payment info, and invoicing. Your Crew will conduct all construction work onsite. We have an exceptional group of installers and subcontractors that have worked with AM for many years and are considered to be a part of the great AMKB family. These individuals always uphold our high quality standards and maintain safe and comfortable work environments.

Our install lead times vary based on demand and backlog, material lead times and even weather. We typically tell our clients that we begin projects 6-8 weeks after signing a contract with AM Kitchen & Bath. Once a contract is signed and a deposit is put down, we will secure your spot in our schedule, order any extended lead time materials and do whatever is necessary to minimize those lead times.

You can immediately start working with your design specialist to pick out materials, fixtures and finalize all your selections. To minimize disruption of your living space, we will not begin a job until all materials are available for installation. This significantly reduces the time your space will be under construction.

Upon signing a contract and putting down your required deposit, our team will reserve your spot on our installation schedule.  That tentative date is communicated to you through email within 7 days following your contract date. Additionally, because those initial dates are tentative, our team will reach out, again, through email about two weeks prior to your tentative start to offer your expected start date, project preparation tips, and to discuss job start payment info. Your Project Manager will contact you a couple days prior to the expected start date to confirm your exact start date and to discuss timing and expectations. Please know that dates remain tentative until just a couple days prior due to all the unforeseen variables that affect construction schedules.  Our entire team will do everything possible to minimize delays and to stay on track with your tentative dates as much as possible.

Typically, kitchens take anywhere from 2-6 weeks and bathrooms can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. The complexity of the job will determine how long it will take to complete. A job usually starts about 6 weeks after contracts have been signed and materials have been ordered. Custom made materials and long lead times can affect how quickly we can start a job.

Our experience with products will help you make the best selections in price and quality. We will also direct you to some of our preferred manufacturers for your project. We have a long history working with these vendors and trust their products.

Communication is key to a strong relationship between contractor and customer. You will be given a schedule of events before the work starts and have daily updates from us from start to finish.

Your Project Manager will contact you by phone a day or two prior to your project start and will be onsite the first day of your project. From that point on, your Project Manager will be your main point of contact.

Our crews do their best to minimize the impact on the rest of your home. We utilize BuildClean Hepa air scrubbers during the demolition process. BuildClean dramatically reduces airborne jobsite dust by drawing air in, passing it through a series of filters and returning the “scrubbed” air back into the space. Although we try to contain the dust as much as we can, your home will most likely need a more intensive cleaning after we are done.

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At AM Kitchen & Bath, we take pride in our quality home transformations. We rely on our qualified, professional team for each remodeling project, not subcontractors. All of our team members have decades of industry experience and we’re proud to say they’ve been with us for years.

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