Virtual Design Consultations

Times are certainly changing and we are a society that calls for instant gratification- our food is fast, shipping is next day, and we can watch entire seasons of television shows instantly. Remodeling is challenging; it can be stressful and often requires a great time obligation. But, with the technology advances of today, it is easier and so much more efficient to connect with clients, communicate, design, and achieve remodeling success quickly!

We have implemented a BRAND NEW simplified, virtual design solution that allows our team to provide you with a quote, design and plan virtually without you ever having to leave your home. Even better, you can have a newly remodeled kitchen or bath in just SEVEN DAYS or less! Keep in mind, not all remodels are alike and many do require time, commitment and patience. Schedule your Virtual Consultation today to see if your kitchen or bath remodel qualifies.

Schedule Your VIRTUAL Consultation

The Virtual Consultation Process


Initiate the process by completing the “Request a Consultation Form” above or contacting our office directly at 630-933-9323.


You will be contacted by our office to qualify your project for our new, virtual design solution. During this conversation expect to:

    • Be asked some basic questions about your home, your initial remodeling thoughts, and budget expectations
    • If you qualify, we will schedule your Virtual Design Consultation with one of our talented designers.
    • Once scheduled, our virtual design consult packet will be emailed to you. This will provide further instruction and all the tools you will need to prepare for your consult.


Prepare for your consultation and complete your consult packet. You will be asked to:

    • Complete the measurement process.
    • Take photos of your space
    • Review selections
    • Submit your photos, measurements and selection choices through our online form.


Meet with your designer to receive your project quote and to learn about the remodel process in more detail, all via a Zoom virtual meeting.

How to Prepare for your Scheduled Virtual Consultation

Great news! Your remodel has qualified for our new, Simplified Remodel Process, you have already spoken with our wonderful office team and scheduled your virtual meeting……so, now what?
To make your consultation, and potentially your entire kitchen or bath remodel, as successful as it can be,  we are leaving you with some homework.  And, in order to provide you with your quote, we need you to turn everything into us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled date.

Your Homework Assignment

1.  Review our Virtual Consultation Guide that will emailed to you upon setting your consultation. Our guide is packed full of resources that are designed to help you measure your kitchen like a Pro.  

2.  Measure your kitchen as instructed and fill out the measure worksheet included in our guide.  

3.  Take photos of your kitchen as instructed.

4. Review the material selections portion of the guide and determine what materials you would be interested in moving forward with.  

5.  Complete our Measurements and Selections form (found on the next page tab) using all the info from your measure worksheet. You will also be asked to make your initial material selections and submit your photos on this form. Make sure your form is submitted 48 hours prior to your scheduled meeting time.

6.   And, lastly, think about how you wish to fund your project.  Included with every quote is free funding using an 18 month No Interest/ No payment financing plan through Greensky.  If you plan to take advantage of this free financing through Greensky, please make sure to complete the Pre-Qualification process prior to your scheduled virtual consultation.  You can find the link and info needed to do so within your guide.

Tips and Tools

How to Measure a Kitchen- Watch our Step-by-Step Tutorial Video

Measurements and Selections Form

Please use this form to submit all the kitchen measurements you had gathered and communicate your initial material selections to your designer.
  • Client Contact Information

  • GUIDE STEP 3: Ceiling Measurements

  • GUIDE STEP 4: Appliance Measurements

    Measure your existing appliances in inches, even if you intend to replace with new.
  • GUIDE STEP 5: Cabinet Measurements

    Measurements of each wall with cabinets from the wall to to the furthest edge, including appliance breaks and window openings. All measurements are in inches
  • GUIDE STEP 6: Countertop Measurements

    Measurements of each section of countertops, NOT including appliance openings. All measurements are in inches
  • GUIDE STEP 7: Sink Measurements

  • Material Selections

    Please make your initial material selections based on the materials options described and offered in our Virtual Measure Guide.
  • Drop files here or
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Need help envisioning your space? Curious how a finished remodel will look?


See examples of REAL spaces remodeled using the simplified remodel solutions and materials.