Surviving Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air and most of us are getting the itch to clean and freshen up our homes after the long and cold winter....a task that is not always inviting or exciting. Here are some of our best tips to get you cleaning in no time!

 1. Create a List

      Write down all the areas you want to be sure to focus on during your Spring cleaning; both indoors and out. Take notice of special projects outdoors that may need to be addressed on a separate occasion. Being able to see your progress by checking off each item will keep you motivated and eager to finish.

2. Make it Official!

    You are most likely to get the job done if it is scheduled on your calendar! Professional cleaners don't say they will be at your house "sometime Saturday" or "when nothing else is going on." The best way to get yourself doing the job is to schedule it like an appointment.

3. Dress for Success

    Be sure to dress in comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty or stained. If you have long hair, pull it back into a ponytail to keep it from getting in the way. Safety goggles, knee pads and a face mask may also come in handy.

 4. Get Motivated and Have Some Fun!

     Don't be distracted by the television or a phone call. Put on some upbeat music or a book on tape to keep you going. Also, make it fun! Try breaking the family into teams and working on different levels of the house. The team that cleans the most rooms gets to choose the movie on Family Movie Night!

 5. Have Tools, Will Clean…

    Making sure you have the proper tools and equipment is a must when tackling a cleaning job. Take a moment to go over a quick checklist of useful items: Rags/Paper towels, Floor Mop, Toilet scrubber, Broom, All Purpose Cleaner, Window/Glass cleaner, Vacuum, Feather Duster, Disinfecting wipes, Bucket and Sponge. Having a caddy to carry all your supplies is also helpful.

 6. Wandering Wastes Time

    Clean one room in its entirety before moving on to the next. Avoid the mistake of dusting all surfaces in the house at once or cleaning all mirrors at one time, etc. This will most likely cause you to lose focus and wander. By cleaning one room at a time, you give yourself a clear beginning and end.

 7. (Not) All in a Days Work..

   Remember that your Spring Cleaning does not have to be completed all in one day! Perhaps you schedule yourself to clean the first floor one day and the upper or lower level the next. Don’t let the task overwhelm you to the point that you don’t do it at all.

 Although a thorough house cleaning seems like a daunting task, remembering these key tips will help to ease the stress and get you on your way to enjoying a fresh and clean home!