A look at some top remodeling trends:

Healthy Living & Healthy Home

Not only are people leaning more towards a healthy way of life by eating well and exercising more, they are also incorporating that theme inside their homes with green and sustainable designs. Creating a healthy living environment free of toxins, harsh chemicals and better air quality is bound to be the front runner in design trends in 2013. Many homeowners are eager to take advantage of state and local incentives when evaluating their homes energy efficiencies and overall performance. Check out what Illinois offers here: http://www.dsireusa.org/incentives/index.cfm?State=IL&RE=1&EE=1.

Quartz composite-the new Granite

Granite is great and makes for a beautiful and sharp looking countertop, it also has many fans, including myself, but there is a new competitor on the horizon….Quartz composite. Quartz is virtually maintenance free and bulletproof. Quartz is a less pourous material, which makes it more resilient against staining and growing bacteria. It’s also a harder and stronger material than it’s competitor Granite. Once finished, Quartz does not need to be resealed, as where it is recommended that Granite be resealed atleast once a year.

Knock Em Down!

Many homeowners are choosing to remove walls to make rooms larger and create an open floor plan, allowing the rooms of the home to flow together seamlessly. Eliminating a wall instantly makes the layout larger and offers a dramatic change to the living space without adding any new construction. Gone are the days of being stuck in the kitchen preparing a meal while guests are socializing in the other room! The most common walls to be removed are one between the kitchen and adjoining rooms.

Everyone Wants Custom

In the midst of remodeling, most homeowners aim to add a “special touch” that is uniquely functional for their lifestyle. Some of the more popular requests are concealed charging stations for tech gagdets, custom storage spaces or multi-functional media centers. Other popluar requests include under cabinet lighting and built in speaker systems.

Goodbye Carpet

Hardwood, tile, bamboo and yes, even concrete flooring are pushing carpet out of homes these days. Not only are these options better for people who suffer from allergies, they are easy to clean and maintain and make any room look modern and fresh.