Every remodel project will vary in cost depending upon the quality of products chosen and the complexity of the job. When building a budget, the first thing to decide is what you want to do. Are you planning a complete remodel or do you want to replace a few items?


A Complete Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel


To help develop a budget to remodel a bathroom or kitchen, we have developed some general figures of cost per square foot. These figures include the replacement of cabinets, countertop, sink, toilet, tub, shower, flooring and painting of walls. (no appliances).


1. Figure out the size in square foot of the space you wish to remodel.

2. Using the chart below, calculate the total square foot of your space by the cost per square foot listed below. For example: 100 sq. ft x $125 = $12,500.


Kitchen remodel*

Economical= $100-150 per square foot

Mid-level= $150-200 per square foot

High-End= $250+ per square foot


Bathroom remodel*

Economical= $175-245 per square foot

Mid-level= $245-300 per square foot

High End= $300+ per square foot


* the pricing provided is developed for budgeting purposes only. Actual cost can change based on materials and complexity of the job.



Replacing items in an existing bathroom or kitchen:


If you are seeking to replace items in your current bathroom or kitchen and do not want a complete remodel:


1. Replacing countertops, cabinets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers will require a personal visit to determine a budget.

2. Replacing appliances: The most economical way to replace these items is to purchase them directly from a retailer. Typically the delivery charge will include a hookup and you do not need a contractor.